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Progressive Policy Institute Calls for Making “Fact-Based” Energy Choices After Fukushima

The Progressive Policy Institute has released a new policy memo that discusses the impact of Fukushima on U.S. energy policy and says that Americans should consider the facts about nuclear energy before endorsing a “knee-jerk anti-nuclear policy.” The memo also outlines how electricity is generated in this country and details the actual health and financial risks that are involved from nuclear power.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

The Fukushima incident has stoked nuclear dread around the world and led some to conclude that nuclear power is too risky. Perhaps the most dramatic shift in public attitudes has been in Germany, where a conservative-led government recently unveiled a plan to close down all the country’s nuclear power plants by 2022.

Americans, however, should not endorse this knee-jerk anti-nuclear policy. For the foreseeable future, nuclear power will remain a vital part of a balanced and realistic national energy portfolio. Moreover, as champions of reason and science, U.S. progressives have a responsibility to avoid panicky overreactions and instead undertake a clear-eyed assessment of the actual risks of nuclear energy.

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