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NRC Should Not Hastily React to the Fukushima Task Force’s 90-Day Report

Policy Vice President Christopher Guith

Guest statement by Christopher Guith
Vice President for Policy
U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy

The starting point for any review of U.S. commercial nuclear safety after the disaster in Japan must start with the NRC task force’s fundamental conclusion that our nuclear plants are safe. The task force made clear that the continued operation of existing reactors and licensing of new reactors does not pose an imminent threat to the public.

Due to the complex nature of the report, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission should proceed deliberately in reviewing and implementing the recommendations. Now that the report is complete, the Commission should consult with stakeholders, the public, and its staff before proceeding. Ultimately I am confident that this review process will benefit both the nuclear industry and the nation as a whole, but the worst thing the Commission can do is act hastily, especially when it has very little data or analysis from Japan yet. Nuclear power will continue to play an integral role in providing clean, reliable, and safe electricity for decades to come.

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