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Frontline To Air Report on Fukushima Tonight

The PBS news series “Frontline” will air a report tonight titled, “Nuclear Aftershocks.” The program will examine “the implications of the Fukushima event for U.S. nuclear safety and asks if any of our 104 reactors could suffer a Fukushima-type accident.” The program will focus primarily on how the nation’s nuclear plants prepare for emergencies, including seismic events. For the exact date and time that the program will air in your area, please consult PBS’s local listings.

The industry cooperated fully with the producers of the program, and camera crews from “Frontline” toured both the Indian Point Energy Center and LaSalle County Nuclear Generating Station. NEI provided a summary of the documentary on its blog last week. Today, NEI added a blog post on emergency preparedness measures at Indian Point and one on the site’s license renewal actions, with excerpts from an interview with Joe Pollock, former vice president of operations at Indian Point.

A team of NEI employees will be watching the program when it airs live on the East Coast at 10:00 p.m. EST in order to correct any errors in the reporting. PBS has informed us that their reporter, Miles O’Brien (@milesobrien), will be tweeting live in conjunction with the program and using the Twitter hashtag, #Frontline, to help organize the commentary. Our social media team will be monitoring online conversation about the program in real time, and offering commentary via NEI’s blog and Twitter feed (@N_E_I).

Learn more about safety and emergency preparedness at U.S. nuclear energy facilities here:

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