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Protecting the Public

Safety is our highest priority. Radiation standards in the United States are set by the Environmental Protection Agency, enforced by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and measured continuously by both government agencies and the nuclear energy industry. The Environmental Protection Agency has a nationwide network to monitor air, rainfall and drinking water. In addition, companies that operate nuclear power plants in 31 states monitor radiation levels at their sites and in the environment. In the unusual event that local officials must take actions to protect citizens from radiation, continuous monitoring of changes and trends in radiation levels inform public health officials in making these recommendations well before citizens are in danger.

Because scientists and experts have studied radiation for decades, there is no mystery to it, and we can monitor it at extremely low levels – far below levels that could even pose a threat to human health. And while we understand radiation well today, our industry is always seeking ways to control it more and more.

The industry is also committed to being 100 percent transparent about radiation levels, so independent regulators and you – the public – can hold us accountable for how well we are fulfilling our responsibility to keep you safe and healthy.

Click on the links below for more information on the government agencies that monitor for radiation in the environment each day.

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