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    “Safety first” is not just our mantra—it’s our job, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Communities have the right to know the safety record of America’s nuclear energy plants. We are proud to share it. We are conducting a thorough assessment of the safety of each nuclear plant to ensure they are prepared for any event that could occur.


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    One in five American homes and businesses is powered by electricity generated at the nation’s 104 nuclear energy facilities, which produce no greenhouse gases and which are the most reliable electricity generators. Nuclear energy technology is developed here at home, making it an important part of the nation’s comprehensive energy portfolio.


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    “Here at home, nuclear power is an important part of our own energy future... Our nuclear power plants have undergone exhaustive study, and have been declared safe...But when we see a crisis like the one in Japan, we have a responsibility to learn from this event...” – President Barack Obama


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    America’s nuclear energy facilities are built to a high safety standard, yet energy companies are actively reviewing their plants and procedures to ensure even more accountability. The U.S. nuclear industry embraces a simple principle: plan for the unexpected by integrating multi-layered safety features and operating procedures every step of the way.


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The U.S. nuclear energy industry has created a joint leadership model to coordinate the industry's response to the events at the Fukushima Daiichi. The model will ensure that lessons learned are identified and well understood, and that response actions are effectively implemented industrywide.


Following the Fukushima Daiichi accident, the U.S. nuclear energy industry began examining ways to ensure safety is maintained in the face of extreme natural events. The industry has begun implementing a number of measures to maintain and upgrade the already-high level of safety at nuclear energy facilities.


Latest Information
Reactor engineer Kristine Madden stands in front of dry cask storage that store used nuclear fuel at Entergy's Palisades nuclear plant, where she performed periodic surveillance of the casks to check for structural issues.

Reactor Engineer Kristine Madden (Click to enlarge)

As a dedicated young leader in the nuclear energy industry, Kristine Madden, a reactor engineer at Entergy’s Palisades Nuclear Plant in Michigan, is actively involved in collaborating with colleagues to keep the plant safe. Besides pursuing a joint master’s degree in business administration and engineering management, Madden has embraced leadership roles in organizations such as North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NA-YGN), American Nuclear Society (ANS) and Women in Nuclear (WiN). From her constant drive to learn from others and apply best practices, Madden exemplifies all of the qualities the industry looks for in its next-generation workforce.
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The following story originally appeared in NEI’s Nuclear Energy Overview.

NEI is urging the NRC to remain focused on the high-priority recommendations from the agency’s Fukushima task force before proceeding with implementation of the lower-priority items.

“Preliminary industry assessments indicate that the Tier 1 items, when completed, will achieve as much as 90 percent of the safety benefit from all recommendations,” NEI said in a comment letter last week. “At this time, the safety benefits derived from proceeding with implementation of the Tier 2 or Tier 3 recommendations are unclear.”
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  • The Japanese government is expected to authorize the resumption of operations of two reactors at the Ohi nuclear power plant in Fukui prefecture as early as Saturday. Last Sunday the prefecture’s nuclear safety committee approved a report guaranteeing the reactors would survive severe earthquakes and tsunamis. The governor of Fukui is expected to approve restarting the reactors after visiting the facility this week, after which Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and several cabinet ministers will officially give the final go-ahead. The Ohi facilities will be the first to resume operations since all 50 of Japan’s reactors went off line in May.
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From The Associated Press on Friday, June 8:

“Japan’s leader appealed to the nation Friday to accept that two nuclear reactors that remained shuttered after the Fukushima disaster must be restarted to protect the economy and people’s livelihoods.”

Full story available here.

The following story originally appeared in NEI’s Nuclear Energy Overview.

The NRC has endorsed the industry guidance on flooding and seismic walkdowns developed in response to recommendations from the post-Fukushima task force but asked for two changes in in the guidance on flooding.
In a May 31 letter, the agency said that the guidance documents are “responsive” to a request for information issued March 12 on flooding and seismic walkdowns and other issues.
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