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Fact Sheets

Below are fact sheets on the Fukushima nuclear energy situation and the U.S. nuclear industry’s response. Visit NEI’s main website to see all fact sheets and policy briefs on general nuclear industry issues.

August 22, 2012
Industry Actions at U.S. Reactors to Enhance Safety Since the Fukushima Accident

August 9, 2012
After Fukushima, Industry Takes Additional Steps to Protect Public Safety

July 30, 2012
White Paper: U.S. Government and Nuclear Energy Industry Response to the Fukushima Accident 

February 29, 2012
White Paper: Making Safe Nuclear Energy Safer: Building on the Nuclear Industry’s Commitment to Safety and Preparedness

February 23, 2012
FAQ: Nuclear Energy Industry Develops FLEX Strategy to Increase Safety, Address NRC’s Post-Fukushima Recommendations

February 23, 2012
White Paper: The Way Forward: U.S. Industry Leadership in Response to Events at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

February 2012
Safety: U.S. Nuclear Energy Facilities Built to Withstand Earthquakes

September 26, 2011
U.S. Companies Make Safety Enhancements at Nuclear Energy Facilities; EU and Asia Undertake ‘Stress Tests’

September 14, 2011
Frequently Asked Questions: Japanese Nuclear Energy Situation

August 17, 2011
7 Steps Industry Has Taken to Reconfirm Safety, Preparedness at America’s Nuclear Energy Plants

August 8, 2011
Emergency Preparedness

July 14, 2011
U.S. Industry Taking Steps to Learn Lessons from Japan, Enhance Safety at America’s Nuclear Energy Facilities

July 12, 2011
Strict Regulatory Oversight

July 12, 2011
Security of Used Nuclear Fuel

July 12, 2011
Protecting Against Floods

July 1, 2011
Setting the Record Straight: NEI Responds to AP Series on Nuclear Energy

June 23, 2011
Emergency Preparedness at Nuclear Energy Facilities

May 27, 2011
U.S. Nuclear Power Plants Reconfirming Safety, Response Programs in Light of Japan Situation

May 18, 2011
Radiation in Perspective

May 1, 2011
Used Fuel Pools at Nuclear Power Plants

April 29, 2011
Relicensing and the Safety of Nuclear Energy Plants

April 1, 2011
Comparing Chernobyl and Fukushima

March 23, 2011
Health Impacts of Iodine-131

March 15, 2011
Used Nuclear Fuel Storage at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

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