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Below are graphics on the Fukushima nuclear energy situation and the U.S. nuclear industry’s response. Visit NEI’s main website to see all graphics and charts on general nuclear industry issues.

Filtration Strategies to Protect Public Safety and the Environment

This infographic shows the various filtration approaches that could be used to prevent the release of radioactive particles in the event of an accident.

FLEX Photos

This photo album shows images of U.S. nuclear plants incorporating new equipment as part of the industry’s FLEX strategy to enhance safety.

Making Safe Nuclear Energy Safer After Fukushima

This infographic illustrates the multiple layers of safety that will be used as part of the nuclear energy industry’s flexible and diverse strategy (FLEX). The FLEX strategy incorporates lessons learned from the main safety challenges at Fukushima.

Nuclear Plants Withstand Nature’s Fury

In 2011, U.S. nuclear plants responded to a series of natural events, including record-breaking storms and an historic East Coast earthquake.

Multiple Layers of Safety and Protection at America’s Nuclear Energy Facilities

This chart illustrates the layer upon layer of safety and security protections available at U.S. nuclear energy facilities.

Interactive Graphic: How Nuclear Fuel Is Produced, Used and Stored

This interactive graphic describes the steps needed to safely produce fuel for reactors, generate electricity and manage used nuclear fuel at the nation’s nuclear energy facilities.

Commitment to Continuous Learning, Safety

This interactive graphic shows the various actions the U.S. nuclear industry has taken to ensure that American reactors are operated safely and securely.

Major Modifications and Upgrades to U.S. Boiling Water Reactor with Mark I Containment Systems

This illustration shows the major modifications and upgrades to U.S. boiling water reactor with Mark I containment systems.

Boiling Water Reactor Design at Fukushima Daiichi

This illustration shows the boiling water reactor design at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear energy facility.

Map of Japan’s Nuclear Energy Plants

This illustration is a map showing the locations of Japan’s nuclear energy plants.

Emergency Planning: Protecting the Public and Environment

This graphic explains how the U.S. nuclear industry works with local, state and federal officials to prepare for emergencies.

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