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Nuclear Energy Institute
1776 I Street NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20006-3708
P: 202.739.8000
F: 202.785.4019

Web Site Comments / Technical Assistance

P: 202.739.8000


P: 202.739.8000
Note: For information and contact details for a specific conference, please see that conference’s web page, which can be found in the Conferences and Meetings area.

Governmental Affairs

P: 202.739.8000

Alex Flint
Senior Vice President
Manages the governmental affairs team in driving nuclear energy policy initiatives at the federal, state and local levels.

Leslie Barbour
Director, Legislative Programs
Responsible for legislative issues in the House and Senate with a focus on appropriations and budget legislation.

Marshall Cohen
Senior Director, State and Local Government Affairs
Develops and manages NEI political and outreach strategies for nuclear energy policy in the states and communities.

Jim Colgary
Director, Government Affairs
Manages coordination of governmental affairs actions related to NEI key strategic policy and objectives.

Christine Csizmadia
Manager, Grassroots and Outreach Programs
Manages the Nuclear Advocacy Network and other outreach programs in conjunction with the state government affairs team.

Derrick Freeman
Senior Director, Legislative Programs
Covers legislative activity mainly in the Senate with a focus on the Senate Environment and Public Works, Energy and Natural Resources and Finance Committees.

Merle Litvack
Senior Administrative Assistant
Oversees the daily operations of the Governmental Affairs Division and the activities of its Senior Vice President.

Mike McGarey
Director, State Outreach
Develops and implements NEI state outreach political strategies.

Michael O’Connell
Director, Congressional Information Program and Governmental Affairs Administration
Oversees education and outreach activities to members of Congress and their staff, leading think-tanks, unions and trade association executives; and the operational activities of the governmental affairs division.

Bob Powers
Senior Director, Legislative Programs
Manages labor relations and interacts with members of Congress about energy and jobs legislation.

Nik Schoenherr
Legislative Program Coordinator
Supports the legislative and administrative activities of the Governmental Affairs Division.

Hannah Simone
Senior Director, Political Affairs
Handles all political activities, including fundraisers and conventions, and lobbies on energy policy issues.

Lisa Van Varick
Manager, Political Affairs
Manages the Political Action Committee and other political affairs activities.

P: 202.739.8000 (Business Hours)
P: 703.644.8805 (After Hours)
F: 202.785.4019

Steve Kerekes
Senior Director, Media Relations
P: 202.739.8073

Mitchell Singer
Senior Media Relations Manager
P: 202.739.8009

Tom Kauffman
Senior Media Relations Manager
P: 202.739.8010

John Keeley
Media Relations Manager
P: 202.739.8020

P: 202.739.8000

Lisa Steward
Senior Director and Assistant Corporate Secretary
Membership inquiries


Tonya Cameron
Fulfillment and Production Specialist
P: 202.739.8148

Employment at NEI
P: 202.739.8000

Olga M. Zamora, SPHR, CCP
Director, Human Resources

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