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Question: What types of insurance are available to nuclear plant workers and contract employees in the event of an accident?


If a  worker at a nuclear plant suffers a radiation-related injury, the worker’s expenses associated with the injury claim are normally covered by workers compensation. This applies both to employees at the nuclear plant and to contractors working at the nuclear plant.  For tort claims against a third party alleged responsible for his or her injury, the worker is protected by third-party liability insurance provided by American Nuclear Insurers (ANI).  ANI, a joint underwriting association of major insurance and reinsurance companies, provides third-party liability coverage for the nuclear energy industry. ANI’s liability coverage satisfies the requirements of the Price-Anderson Act, the legal framework for public liability claims that could arise in the event of a nuclear energy incident.

Under the Price-Anderson Act, companies that own nuclear power plants are required to maintain the maximum level of financial protection commercially available, and also are required to participate in a secondary financial protection program managed by ANI. The initial limit of liability for nuclear energy facilitiesis $375 million. Should an accident at any reactor result in personal injury or off-site damages in excess of $375 million, all power reactor operators can be charged a retrospective premium of up to $117.5 million per reactor per incident, creating a combined level of protection of nearly $12.6 billion.

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