March 2012

The following story originally appeared in NEI’s Nuclear Energy Overview.

The nuclear energy industry is moving forward to implement its diverse and flexible emergency coping capability, or FLEX, with the goal of being “fully responsive” to the pending Nuclear Regulatory Commission order associated with mitigation strategies for beyond-design-basis external events, NEI said this week. The industry also plans to develop an alternative to performing probabilistic risk assessments (PRA) of seismic hazards to ensure the work can be completed within the schedules defined in the proposed request for information.

“Of all the Tier 1 [post-Fukushima] recommendations, we believe the implementation of FLEX in response … offers the greatest safety enhancement in the shortest timeframe,” NEI Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer Anthony Pietrangelo said in Feb. 28 comments on the NRC’s proposed post-Fukushima actions (SECY-12-0025).
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