January 2012

Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

Recent Refueling Outage Recorded the Lowest Ever Personnel Radiation Exposure

PHOENIX – During its recent planned refueling outage, not only did Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station achieve the lowest “As Low As is Reasonably Achievable” personnel radiation exposure in the plant’s outage history, it also set a record for the nuclear industry.

Palo Verde’s Unit 1 refueling outage completed in November recorded the lowest ever 20.6 rem. That included 106,424 man-hours accumulated by more than a thousand people who worked in the radiological controlled area. Prior to 2011, the best refueling outage recorded for a U.S. commercial plant was 28.2 rem in 2006. Current industry median for station-best is 59 rem. Rem is an abbreviation for roentgen equivalent man, a measurement of ionizing radiation. One rem is equivalent to receiving one upper gastrointestinal (GI) computerized tomography (CT) scan.



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